The coloured circles within the menu dishes represent food allergens.  Please Allergen Information for more detail.


All curries served with your choice of meat or vegetarian option listed below.

Gaeng Kiew Waan (GF)

The most Thai popular green curry cooked in coconut milk with an aromatic selection of Thai herbs.

Gaeng Daeng (GF)

A red curry paste cooked in coconut milk with an aromatic selection of Thai herbs.

Gaeng Mussaman (GF) (N optional)

Popular dish from Southern part of Thailand cooked with yellow curry in coconut milk with peanuts and potatoes, flavoured with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cumin.

Gaeng Panang (GF)

A reduction of aromatic red curry with coconut milk slices of lime leaves.

Gaeng Pha (GF)

Spicy jungle (non-coconut milk curry) very aromatic with Thai herbs and vegetables.
Mixed seasonal vegetables or Tofu (v) £11.95
Chicken or Pork £12.95
Beef £13.95
King prawns or Duck £14.95

Gaeng Phed Ped Yang (GF)

Roasted duck in red curry paste with coconut milk, pineapple, tomatoes and sweet basil leaves. £14.95


All stir fried dishes are served with your choice of meat or vegetarian option listed below. Most of our stir fried dishes can be prepared gluten free.

Pad Kratiem Pik Thai OPTIONAL

Thai favourite stir fried dish with garlic and ground pepper.

Pad Priew Waan

Thai style sweet and sour sauce stir fried with vegetables.


The most popular dish among Thai people stir fried with Thai fresh basil leaves, chilli and garlic.


An aromatic stir fried dish with slices of Thai fresh ginger, onion, pepper and mushrooms.

Pad Himmaparn (N optional)

An exotic tamarind sauce specially cooked with golden cashew nuts served in a crispy basket.

Pad Cha

Stir fried with slice kachai roots, chilli, garlic, fresh green peppercorns and fresh basil leaves served on a hot sizzling plate.

Pad Prik Khing OPTIONAL

Stir fried red curry paste with long bean and slices of lime leaves.

Pad Prik Pao

Stir fried in our Chef’s special sauce, very aromatic dish.

Pad Prik Tai Dum

An aromatic stir fried dish with garlic, dried black pepper and fresh Thai herbs.
Mixed Seasonal Vegetables or Tofu (v) £10.95
Chicken or Pork £11.95
Beef £12.95
King prawns, Squid Fish or Duck £13.95
Mixed Seafood £14.50


Gai Yang

Chicken grilled over charcoal after marinating at length in garlic and coconut milk served with sweet chilli sauce. £12.95

Phed Yang

Duck marinated Thai style and then grilled over charcoal topped with our Chef’s special sauce. £13.95

Tom Yam Goong (GF)

The famous Thai hot and sour soup, with a little milk added to the broth for that finishing touch. Flavoured with lemongrass, lime leaves, lemon juice and fresh coriander served with giant freshwater prawns and mushrooms. £14.95

Phed Pad Subprarot (N optional)

Slices of roast duck and pineapple stir fried in our Chef’s red wine sauce. £13.95

Pla Sam Rod (GF optional)

Boneless crispy fish cooked in our Chef’s special three flavours sauce. £14.95

Pla Lad Prik (GF optional)

Boneless crispy fish cooked in a concentrated red curry sauce. £14.95

Pad Kiew Waan (GF)

A combination of stir fried and aromatic green curry with coconut milk and fresh Thai herbs served with a choice of:-
Mixed seasonal vegetables (v) £12.50 Chicken or pork £13.50 Beef £13.95 Mixed seafood £15.95

Hor Mok Talay (GF)

Mixed seafood cooked in Thai red curry flavoured with lemongrass, kachai root, slices of lime leaves and fresh sweet basil leaves. £15.95

Pad Ma-Kham (GF optional)

An exotic tamarind sauce specially prepared and served with a choice of crispy king prawns or crispy duck. £14.95

Gai Maa Now

Tender lemon chicken topped with sweet chilli sauce served in a foil chicken boat. £12.95


Khaow Suay (GF)

Steamed fragrant white rice from Thailand. £3.50

Khaow Pad (GF)

Egg fried rice. £3.75

Khaow Ma Pow (GF)

Steamed fragrant white rice in coconut milk. £3.95

Khaow Pad Pi-Sed (GF)

Special fried rice with king prawns, chicken, pork, pineapple and onion. £10.95

Pad Thai (GF) (N optional)

A traditional Thai style fried noodles with beansprouts, spring onion and tamarind topped with ground peanuts. Vegetarian £10.95 Chicken £10.95
King prawns £12.95

Pad Ke Mao (GF optional)

Spicy fried noodles with pork and fresh Thai herbs. £10.95

Pad Mee Jay

Stir fried yellow noodles with egg, beansprouts and carrots. £8.95

Khaow Neaw (GF)

Glutinous rice served in a handmade bamboo pot. £3.95

Prawn Crackers £3.50



Stir fried mixed seasonal vegetables. £9.95

“Mock Duck” Mad Khi Mao OPTIONAL

Mock duck (made from wheat flour) spicy cooked with Thai fresh herbs. £11.95

Preow Wan Tofu

Beancurd & vegetables in a Thai style sweet and sour sauce. £10.95

Hed Pad Himmaparn (N optional)

Mushrooms and cashew nuts stir fried in exotic tamarind sauce served in a crispy basket. £10.95

Tofu Pad Ka Praw OPTIONAL

Stir fried beancurd with mushrooms Thai fresh basil leaves. £10.95

Maa Kheua Sam Rod

Deep fried battered aubergine with our Chef’s special tamarind sauce. £10.95

Gaeng Panang Pak

Dry aromatic red curry with vegetables in coconut milk and lime leaves. £11.95

Gaeng Kiew Wan Pak

Green curry with seasonal vegetables in coconut milk. £11.95

Gaeng Daeng “Mock Duck”

Red curry of “mock duck” (made from wheat flour) cooked in coconut milk. £12.95

Gaeng Massaman Tofu (N optional)

Beancurd in a mild peanut curry. £11.95